Floral Flower (Tea Tree Hydrosol)

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Floral Flower (Tea Tree Hydrosol) Toner

Floral Flower (Tea Tree Hydrosol)

Effect :
Tea Tree Floral Water is the end product of the distillation of tea tree. It is a distinct product resulting from the distillation process, not just waterto which drops of essential oil have been added.Natural Tea Tree Floral Water makes skin smooth and elastic moisture. This is a 100% pure and natural, non-alcoholic distillate. Tea Tree floral water has its own unique qualities directly related to the properties of Tea Tree essential oil. It is excellent for all skin types.


How To Use :
After Cleansing, apply right proportion onto face and massage gently until absorbed.

Ingredients :
Tea tree Oil, Allantoin, Tea Tree Essence, NMF, Witch Hazel Extract,Hyaluronic Acid Sodium, etc.

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