Floral Flower (Chamomile Claming Essence)

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Floral Flower (Chamomile Claming Essence) Toner

Floral Flower (Chamomile Claming Essence)

Effect :
Derived from Chamomile extracts this Essence is highly effective in reducing redness.Adds moisture to the skin cells, soothing the skin and prevent skin irritation, in the natural protective film formed on the surface of skin, enhance skin immunity.

- 保湿柔敏、安抚纾压
- 保湿防皱、紧实肌肤
- 清爽容易吸收,具保湿效果不油腻
- 能强化肌肤的防御力
- 使容易紧绷不适的肌肤立即得到舒缓与安抚

How To Use :
After Cleansing, apply right proportion onto face and massage gently until absorbed.

Ingredients :
Chamomile Essential Oil, Lavender Oil, Aloe Vera Extract, Shea Butter,Licorice extract.

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