3 Days Acne Cream

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3 Days Acne Cream Cream

3 Days Acne Cream

Revolutionary Formula.  突破性配方!

a) Visible results in just 3 days! 3天抗痘效果显著!
b) Dries pimples from 1st application. 乾燥丘疹一天发挥作用!
c) Effectively eliminate pimples. 有效解决粉刺问题

Its anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties that purify and cleanse skin from within to prevent
outbreak and recurrence of pimples.
3 Day Acne Cream attacks pimples, blemishes and keeps skin clear and refreshed. It has a drying
effect on pimples and deliver visible results in just 3 days. Convenient tip makes application easy.


After cleansing, apply the appropriate amount of 3 Day Acne Cream onto facial areas and apply more on serious affected areas, use day and night. Under low temperature, this product will be occasionally crystallized and you could feel the grainy effect. It is a normal phenomenon and does not affect the effectiveness of this product.

Deionized water,Nebo shining armor fat,Propylene glycol,Aloe Vera Extract,Lavender Extract , Camphor Etc.

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